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In case of severe winter driving conditions, please call NEORTC at (330) 379-2003 after 6:30 a.m. to find out if training is canceled. If it is, the message on the recorder will inform you of the cancellation. If there is no message to that effect, then training will be held that day. However, if training is being held, please note your driving conditions from your location and determine if it is safe for you to travel to NEORTC.  For county-hosted staff trainings, liaisons will need to make the determination if training should be cancelled and should notify NEORTC as soon as feasibly possible of the cancellation. 


Also, if any trainee encounters travel delays, he/she can call the front desk number 330-379-1805 to alert NEORTC staff so trainers can be informed of a delay in arrival (assuming that arrival would be no later than 15 minutes after training starts so as not to violate the 15-Minute Rule).

NEORTC's Staff Training

To register for NEORTC staff training,
please carefully follow the steps below:

Winter 2023 Staff Training Sessions

Spring 2023 Staff Training Sessions

NEORTC Training Registration Process

Registration for all trainees (PCSA and formerly known as Guest Trainees) is now through CAPS LMS. Click here for more information.


IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: In Person Training: Trainees are welcome to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the session to sign in and be seated. Training room doors will be closed when training begins at 9 AM. There is a "15 minute rule" for training that states a participant cannot miss more than 15 minutes of a one day or multi day training and still receive credit for the training. Cell phone and device/tablet usage for personal or work reasons during training is prohibited, however, there may be times when trainers will ask trainees to use their devices for training purposes (i.e responding to polls, website research). Virtual Training: Trainees are encouraged to log on from CAPS 5-10 minutes before the session in case of any technical difficulties. Please be aware that the “15 minute rule” (stated above) still applies for virtual training. In addition, NEORTC has developed a list of Virtual Trainee Expectations that we ask trainees to adhere to while participating in virtual instructor-led training.


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