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Supervisor Readiness Resources & Activities

Below is a list of topics helpful in getting ready for casework supervision. Included
with each topic are:

  • Worksheets and activities to prepare you for the job ahead
  • Resources and links to suggested materials


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Supervisor Readiness Resources & Activities

Issues that result when someone is promoted from a caseworker position to a supervisor position.

Link to:


Ways new supervisors can help their staff adapt to changes that come with new unit leadership.

PDF Reading: Transitioning into a Supervisory Position

PDF Activity: Peer to Supervisor Transition


Administrative, supportive and educational supervisory functions and their associated job responsibilities.

Link to newsletter:

Link to: Standards for Supervision in Child Welfare

Link to PCSAO Standard 11:11 Supervision, pgs. 35-39:

Link to Element 2, pgs 10-18

Factors that affect caseworker recruitment and retention.

Link to:




PDF Worksheet: Staff Recruitment and Retention

Availability and use of agency wellness, health and/or support programs designed to help workers manage stress.

PDF Worksheet:  Staff Assistance Programs


Supervisor’s responsibilities for addressing issues about caseworker safety .

Link to PCSAO Standards for Effective Practice on Caseworker Safety:

Link to the section, “Worker Safety”:

PDF Activity and Worksheet:
Caseworker Safety

Supervisor responsibility for completing incident reports on safety-related occurrences experienced by staff.

PDF Activity: Incident Reports

General personnel management responsibilities of the supervisor.

PDF Activity: Personnel Management

Existing policies and procedures applicable to the operations of the supervisor’s assigned unit.

PDF Activity and Worksheet: Unit Operations

Agency's documentation requirements, tools, and reporting functions which provide data for performance evaluations and quality improvement.

PDF Activity: Data Collection for Performance Evaluations and Quality Improvement

Federal and state monitoring processes related to service provision.

Link to:

Link to Executive Summary
Link to:Link to: CPOE Outcome Indicators http://jfs.ohio.gov/ocf/gen_info.stm

Overview of PIP and QIP benchmarks targeted for improvement in the agency.

PDF Worksheet: PIP and QIP Benchmarks(Part A)

De    CFSR outcomes and PIP requirements that are the unit’s responsibility, and the current status of unit performance toward the targeted outcomes.

PDF Worksheet: PIP and QIP Benchmarks(Part B)

Supervisor’s role in attaining accreditation with the Council on Accreditation (COA).

PDF Activity: Council on Accreditation (COA)

Stages in the development of staff competence and implications for individual development plans.

Link to: http://www.childwelfare.gov/pubs/usermanuals/supercps/supercpse.cfm

Ohio Child Welfare Training Program website.

Link to:

Agency’s expectations regarding supervisors and caseworkers attending training.

PDF Activity: Staff and Supervisor Training

Supervisor’s responsibilities for ensuring that staff behavior in the agency, with clients, and in the community focuses on customer service.

PDF Worksheet: Ensuring Excellence in Customer Service

Agency procedures and the responsibilities of supervisors for addressing consumer complaints.

PDF Activity: Addressing Consumer Complaints

Supervisor’s role in intra-agency and community services coordination and collaboration for client services.

PDF Activity: Coordination and Collaboration

Agency’s policies regarding supervisor and/or staff membership and participation on community committees and boards.

PDF Activity: Participation on Committees and Boards

Agency’s vision and mission statements, and identify those pieces for which the unit is responsible.

PDF Activity and Worksheet: Agency Vision and Mission

Availability and limitations of agency and community service resources to address client needs, and funding sources in the agency and community to support these services.

PDF Activity and Worksheet: Agency and Community Resources

Use of purchase-of-service contracts by the agency

PDF Activity: Purchase-of-Service Contracts


Agency policies and procedures for supervisory monitoring of budget, fiscal and contract items; tracking expenditures; and completing required documentation.

PDF Activity: Budgets, Contracts, and Related Documentation 

Importance of the supervisor role in helping staff understand the impact of personal cultural biases on their work with families.



How one’s cultural perspective can affect job performance and his/her relationship with others..

Link to section on Diversity Issues:

Federal Child Welfare Policy Manual

Link to:

How to locate child welfare specific information in the Ohio Administrative Code and the Ohio Revised Code.

Link to:


Types of situations that can contribute to a child welfare agency’s vulnerability to liability.

Link to the section, “Protecting the Agency Against Liability”:
PDF Activity and Worksheet: Points of Greatest Vulnerability

Behaviors that contribute to child welfare professionals being immune to legal liability.

PDF Activity and Worksheet: Reducing Risk of Legal Liability

Agency responses in situations of potential liability.

PDF Worksheet: Agency Response to Potential Liability

Agency policies and the supervisor’s role in communicating with and monitoring staff communication with the public and the media.

Link to the section, “Relationships with the Public and the Media”:

PDF Worksheet: Communication with the Public and the Media

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