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SWORTC Staff and Assessor Training

Training Schedule

SWORTC provides both E-Track and non-E-Track trainees (guests) with Core, Ongoing Staff, and Assessor trainings.  This information is current at the time of posting so please check E-Track for the most current available trainings.

Assessor Fall 2022 Trainings

Caseworker 2022 Core Trainings

Supervisor 2022 Core Trainings

Staff & Supervisor Fall 2022 Ongoing Trainings

Distance Learnings Opportunities

Registration Process

E-Track Trainees: For those with E-Track access.  Follow your agency's guidelines when enrolling for any training session in E-Track. To learn more about E-Track, who it's for, how to access it, and how to use it, visit visit the E-Track Help Center. If you're already familiar with using E-Track, login here.

Caseworker & Supervisor Core Trainees:  To register for Caseworker Core training, complete the SWORTC Caseworker and Supervisor Core Registration Request form.

Guest Trainees: For those who are not in E-Track (PCSA staff who do not have log-in privileges, retired PCSA staff, community private agencies, etc.), attendance is accepted on a space-available basis. To register for a particular training session, complete the SWORTC Guest Registration Request Form. You will be informed via email within one week prior to the training if there is space available. 

If you would like more information on a particular session request contact:
Melanie Meece, melanie.meece@jfs.ohio.gov; 513-248-1269 or
Traci Marr, traci.marr2@jfs.ohio.gov; 513-248-1927

Private-Agency Adoption Assessors:  If you work for a private agency contact Pam Ross with Choices, Inc. at pross@choicesfostercare.com to register.

  • Note:   You must be currently working as an assessor in your present position to be registered in E-Track.  If you are not currently working as an assessor you must register via the SWORTC Guest Registration Request Form.



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